Hey I read punk direction and you keep running back to him and it was amazing I think you should make a fanfiction about a girl who is madly deeply in love with one of the who is a punk who keeps lead her on but does love her idk I just think your amazing writer and you will make a good fanfiction on it

Haha thank very much!

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Can i have a link to your preferences??

Of course! here

Zayn during More Than This [Las Vegas/ 03.08.13]



Walking through the halls like


AU: Your ex shows up at your flat and Louis answers the door


Happy 20th Birthday Harry

1st February 1994 - 1st february 2014

                     Happy Birthday Harold :’)


Reblog if you’re an OZG, an ORIGINAL ZAYN girl, so we can stick TOGETHER when the FAKE ones come out, #OZG4LYFE